Costa Rica: Foliage Unfolding





I was mesmerized by the constant state of change visible in the foliage of our Costa Rican jungle. Crisp leaves crackle underfoot while lush green bursts overhead. A constant visual feast was laid before me, of foliage in transition — rewarding my hungry eyes with their richness of colour, texture, pattern, line, substance.



This manifestation of minute stages of life and death in jungle foliage — everyday, every instant — gives cause to ponder the parallels in all of life. Constant change, parched decay and lush renewal — seems somehow so intense and present in the jungle. Yet this same phenomena occur in all creation with nothing on earth remaining static. We witness in this jungle foliage, all the phases of life’s evolution: birth with its lush and hearty vitality, life with the waning progression of physical age — drying, wrinkling, disease … birth, life, death.






3 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Foliage Unfolding

  1. Lovely writing about the intriguing jungle we spent all that time in, Kath. And great photographic captures. Like you, I was constantly looking at the foliage, watching as spring, summer, fall, and winter all occurred at the same time, with leaves constantly growing while others on the same plant or tree died and fell to the ground.

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    1. Beautiful…. I love this invitation to stop, look and see this journey of birthing, living, dying, birthing…. through a rich combo of words and photos. Not only was it pleasant to read and look at, your sharing comes across with feelings; I experienced some level of awe and humility, and great appreciation for you sharing this, and the things that you are sharing. Thanks….

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