Guatamala 🇬🇹 : Antigua



Antigua, first stop in Guatamala, December 2017 — became, for me, primarily a city of, not just volcanoes — but one of erupting volcanoes. Tracking the activity in Volcán Fuego, I tried to imagine the intensity of heat and pressure capable of causing molten lava to spew hundreds of feet into the night sky. It was a breathtaking experience  — both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

Photos of erupting Volcán Fuego by Aaron White, using his trusty telephoto lens

** ADDENDUM: June 2018: In light of the devastating eruptions of Volcán Fuego early this month, these photos and experiences of the power of nature — of what is actually possible — take on new meaning for me. Many Guatamalan people died this month as a result of the recent eruptions — a horrific and life changing experience for the survivors. My heart goes out to them, and all people on earth who experience such enormous loss.

Other impressions of this town: Colour and texture everywhere, in everything — in buildings, traditional clothing worn by women, market wares, ornate doors and knockers alongside a friendly, helpful welcome from local people — whether my Spanish teachers, our Air BNB hosts, restauranteers or our Salsa teacher.

The brightly hued buildings of Antigua caught my eye, especially those weathered with layer upon layer of peeling paint, tracking the building’s history throughout the generations. Bold line and colour grace local artwork, depicting everyday life in Guatamala, while its reality brings bustle to the streets and markets.