Encounters Central America

We decided in the summer of 2017 that Central America would be our next area for exploration. Where would we start? A loose plan materialized, beginning with Guatamala and Nicaragua. We weren’t sure about Costa Rica but had a definite desire to see Panamá. So began our travels in November 2017 in Antigua, Guatamala. What we imagined would be approximately a month-long exploration of Guatamala turned into three as we fell in love with the people, volcanoes and language of Guatamala. Enjoy my stories of this magical time and read about a big surprise: landing in a jungle home in Costa Rica and all the adventures that went with it (not even making it to Panama due to our veer in another direction — saving it for another year)!

Guatamala: Antigua

Guatamala: Tikal


After Antigua and Tikal, we travelled to Panajachel — jumping off point for villages on Lake Atitlán.

Costa Rica: Magical Matapalo Beach

Costa Rica: In the Jungle with 13 Rescued Pets

Costa Rica, By Night