Encounters Central America



We decided Central America would be our next area for exploration in the summer of 2017. Where would we start? A loose plan materialized, beginning with Guatamala and Nicaragua. We weren’t sure about Costa Rica but had a definite desire to see Panamá. So began our travels in November 2017 in Antigua, Guatamala. What we imagined to be about a month turned into three as we fell in love with the people, volcanoes and language of Guatamala. Please stay tuned for stories about this magical time while you read about the big surprise: landing in the jungle of Costa Rica and all the adventures that went with it!

Guatamala: Antigua

Costa Rica: In the Jungle with 13 Rescued Pets

Costa Rica: Breath of the Jungle

Costa Rica: By Night …

Costa Rica: A Narrow Escape

Costa Rica: Foliage Unfolding