I began to write WORLD ENCOUNTERS in 2015, when I retired and began travelling with my partner, Aaron.We shared a dream of travelling unfettered, taking long chunks of time to experience the world without those niggling anxieties about ‘things’ we might have to deal with at home. How would we achieve that peace of mind while travelling? By owning nothing! Or very little anyway. To this end, we endeavoured, over the last year of our working lives, to sell and give away almost everything we owned, including cars. The homes had been sold a few years previous. Of course, we have family and friends with whom we wanted continued relationships, but in this technological age, we knew that all things are possible.

Photo above taken at Rocky Point Beach Cabins, Tangalle, Sri Lanka, March 2016


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Kath, This is Ming Lee, who you meet at the beach in Dominical after your brush with the incoming tide. We arrived back home last night after a few glorious days near Carrarra National park. Costa Rica is so lovely! We will definitely return.
    Best wishes, Ming Lee from Rhode Island USA

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