Panama : Jungle Beach Textures

March 29/23

I am ever astounded by the many textures in nature. No less this discovery of the jungle beach area of the Azuero Peninsula in Panama near the tiny village of Torio. Coconuts at all phases of life and death, palm branches shucked onto the beach, sand images — almost all life that once was but is now in a state of decay. Gorgeous to discover, in all phases! May your artist’s eye find new vision in these images, or simply enjoy the experience of seeing through my eyes. PHOTOS in Read More.

Such beauty in nature!

4 thoughts on “Panama : Jungle Beach Textures

  1. Kath, I love love these photos! You captured the textures very well. Nature is so artistic, and you have the eye to see it. It would be a great series to exhibit on a wall.


    1. The elephant and misnomer is me, Deanne. I don’t know why wordpress attaches it to me. Was it your blog, or Tessa’s?


  2. Great photos Kath! So much to see with not just opening your eyes but opening your mind as well.

    Peter and Mary Lynne


    1. Thank you Peter & Mary Lynne. I so appreciate that you appreciate. True it does take a measure of open mindedness to see everything that is there. K


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