A post from my Facebook memories of this date 6 years ago, from a Palm Springs break in our memorable 10-month desert southwest/Baja RV trip, the nostalgia is just too much for me and I must post and save it here ; )

December 17, 2016

I always thought of Crocs as quite unattractive. Then I was given a pair and decided to wear them travelling India – I became a believer! Great travel shoes, comfortable, easy to clean, waterproof for the shower, pool or beach, lightweight and malleable to pack. Not that attractive, but still … does it get any better?

So, having become a convert, these little brown Crocs have travelled the world with me – India, France, Italy, Nicaragua, Cuba, Spain, Bali, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam Nam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Greece and all through the US. Not only have the soles worn thin and treadless, months of walking in the desert have imbedded cactus spines that surprise me at random moments with a sharp and unpleasant poke. Quite disconcerting. Of course, I had reluctantly arrived at the decision that they had to go.

But finding a replacement pair was easier said than done in our off-the-beaten-track travels—until now. Discovered just today, in the Birkenstock store in downtown Palm Springs! I’ve been bold and gone for black this time. (I suppose the browns will just have to go in the garbage but, gee, it’s hard to let them go after all we’ve been through together…)