Phoebe & Joey, Kitties Extraordinaire

Here we are in Nanaimo, caring for Phoebe and Joey, on a long fall/winter sit, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. With a pond mere steps outside the door, and hiking adventures galore within close range of the kitties’ comfortable home, we are taking advantage of the glorious oceanside beauty with a daily hike. Homebodies by nature, we spend the rest of our time at home, answering the demands of our feline charges. Brushing, cleaning, feeding, cuddling, playing — rest (briefly) and repeat. All in a day’s work, and well worth the ample purrs.

Clockwise from the fiery sunrise over the pond behind this home: The autumn path around the pond, Westwood Lake from the bluffs, Piper’s Lagoon and myself descending stairway at Jack Point.

We, surprisingly, saw some wintry white here in Nanaimo 2021-22, but fortunately the snowfall only last a few weeks and its departure did not result in flooding.