Phoebe & Joey, Kitties Extraordinaire

Here we are in Nanaimo, caring for Phoebe and Joey, on a long fall/winter sit, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. With a pond mere steps outside the door, and hiking adventures galore within close range of the kitties’ comfortable home, we are taking advantage of the glorious oceanside beauty with a daily hike. Homebodies by nature, we spend the rest of our time at home, answering the demands of our feline charges. Brushing, cleaning, feeding, cuddling, playing — rest (briefly) and repeat. All in a day’s work, and well worth the ample purrs.

Clockwise from the fiery sunrise over the pond behind this home: The autumn path around the pond, Westwood Lake from the bluffs, Piper’s Lagoon and myself descending stairway at Jack Point.

We, surprisingly, saw some wintry white here in Nanaimo 2021-22, but fortunately the snowfall only last a few weeks and its departure did not result in flooding.

3 thoughts on “Phoebe & Joey, Kitties Extraordinaire

  1. Well, my first reply did not go through! So, here I am again, enjoying your moments of puurrr love! Reading about the snow and looking at the photos get me excited, and I am initially puzzled when I read that “fortunately (the snow) didn’t last long, but then I remember that it is actually hard work! 😘


    1. Thanks for reading, Diane, and for your welcome comments. Well actually it was not the work of shoveling snow, but the fact that, after the first days when it snowed long and hard and was magical to exist in, it stopped snowing. It became muckier & muckier, with muddy heaps everywhere. Lost its pristine beauty and magic toooooo fast : ))


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