Flamingo Viewing Mexico 🇲🇽


Photo by Aaron White

Come along on our adventure of December 2018, viewing flamingoes in the wild, near Celestún, Yucatan, Mexico. Below is the video highlights of our journey. Any questions about the self-tour,  comment below. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

4 thoughts on “Flamingo Viewing Mexico 🇲🇽

  1. Always love seeing the ‘real deal’. Love riding the Mexican metros, better than a ride at the Fall Fair! Great video guys. It’s always wonderful to see flamingos. Lovely birds. Raccoons, who knew.

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  2. It is very well done Kath. I enjoy how you have a little bit of a different approach for each post. We saw the flamingos as well, in Rio Lagartos. It was impressive, yet not like what you saw as I think it might have been passed the mating season; great capture!

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